Does Not Contain (Filter Option)

Does Not Contain (Filter Option)

Update 7/27/23 - Since publishing this article, we have added this feature to Report Toaster!

This article has been left published solely for archiving and link purposes :)


A couple of users have requested that we add the ability to have 'Does Not Contain' as a filter option. 

This isn't something we currently have in Report Toaster (don't worry - it IS an item on our roadmap, so it's coming soon!) 
In the meantime however, there is a great workaround you can use to replicate this functionality using Saved Filters

For example, suppose I wanted a filter to show an example where the report does NOT contain a certain variable (E.g. Product Title does NOT contain Float). 
This is great to rule out a large chunk of products at once without having to list them all individually. 

To do this, all we need to do is create the filter we want, save the filter, and then use the 'Not in Filter' option to replicate the Does Not Contain functionality. 

Step 1. Create the filter that is the opposite of what I want. In this case, we'll use (Product) Title, contains, Float. 

2.) Save the filter (and give it a name you will remember)

Step 3. Choose the filter from the available options in the dropdown, and then select the option for 'not in filter' 

The end result should look like this. If you're happy with the report, don't forget to save it when you're done. 

And there you have it! 

For a more complete video version of this tutorial guide, check out our video series here. 

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