How Do I Adjust the Chat Bubble

How Do I Adjust the Chat Bubble

A couple of our merchants have asked us the best way to see their reports when the chat bubble is blocking their view of the data. 

This is a common problem on smaller screens/on lower resolutions, where the number of columns + rows on the report means that the chat bubble (bottom right corner) can sometimes block the view of the data. 

While there is no way to move the chat bubble itself, we do have some good suggestions to help users more easily navigate their reports. 

Adjust the Zoom

First, you can trying zooming out in your browser.

Note that the screenshot above is zoomed in to 175%. However, if I adjust the zoom in my Google Chrome Browser back to 100%, you'll notice that the chat bubble is no longer obscuring the data on the report: 

Adjust the Rows/page

Alternatively if you need something more zoomed in for whatever reason (perhaps to improve readability), then you can reduce the number of rows/page to 10. 
This will allow you to remain more zoomed in (150% on the below screenshot) but still see the data: 

Export the Report

Finally, you can always export the report you are viewing to PDF/CSV/JSON. This will allow you to work on the data in a file instead of on the screen, which means the chat bubble is no longer on the report. 
See here for more info. 

Otherwise if you're still having any trouble with resizing your screen, reach out to us at and we'll see how we can help. 
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