How Do I Change Profile Settings (Time Zone & Regional Formats)

How Do I Change Profile Settings (Time Zone & Regional Formats)

Another quick addition to our basics series, this article covers how to adjust your profile settings in Report Toaster. 

For instance, let's say I want to switch
- Time zone (from my Shopify default setting) 
- Decimal format (from 0.00 to 0,00 or vice versa) 
- Date format (from 31/12/21 to 12/31/21) 

All of these options can be found under the Profile menu in the Report Toaster app like so: 

Opening up this menu pulls up the Profile options like so: 

Time Zone 

By default, Report Toaster will use whatever Time zone setting is used by your Shopify store. 

However, sometimes its important to be able to adjust this format if you want Report Toaster to calculate dates and times from a different time zone. 
For example, perhaps you have a person in one part of the world managing the Shopify storefront and another elsewhere using the Report Toaster app. 

Note - To maintain consistency in the data, we generally recommend that you utilize the same setting for Report Toaster as your Shopify store.
Otherwise, the numbers may not match (e.g. Last Week vs. This Week sales when the international date line is involved, as an example) 

To adjust this, simply click on the dropdown, select your preferred Time Zone, and click Update when you're done. 

Regional Format 

A lot of settings in Report Toaster are adjusted for local formats, to ensure that data is displayed in a format that is consistent with what most users living in that region would expect. 

This includes things like: 
  1. Dates (e.g. the United States uses MM/DD/YYYY whereas the United Kingdom uses DD/MM/YYYY) 
  2. Decimals (e.g. 1,000.00 vs. 1.000,00) 
  3. Times (e.g. 1:08.03pm vs 13.08.00)
  4. Starting Day of the Week (Saturday, Sunday, or Monday)
Once again this setting is based on the default for your Shopify store, and we tend to recommend keeping this the same as your storefront to maintain consistency with the data. 

If you need to adjust this setting, simply click on the dropdown, search for your region, select it, and click Update when you're done. 

And that's it! 

For a more detailed explanation on using this feature, check out our main navigation video here

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