How Do I Upgrade My Report Toaster Account?

How Do I Upgrade My Report Toaster Account?

This is just a quick troubleshooting guide for any users who have experienced any difficulty in signing up to paid plans of Report Toaster. 

Before you begin, we recommend you close any other instances you have running of Report Toaster (e.g. another tab or window).
If you're having issues signing up, then we usually recommend fully exiting the app and logging back in via the Shopify admin before attempting to try again. 

1.) For Basic and regular Shopify users, you can start off by clicking the blue help bar at the top in the app: 

Shopify Advanced and Plus users can follow the same process, but note that you will have slightly different wording in this banner, depending on how many days you have remaining in your Trial: 

2.) This will take you to the subscribe page like so. Click the Upgrade Now button to sign up your account:

This page above is for a Shopify Basic user. The price per month you pay and the plans available to you depend on the Shopify Plan for your store. 

3.) Follow the instructions on the screen to sign up your account. 


If you're having difficulty signing up, here are a few things you can try 
  1. Close down all tabs/windows of Report Toaster, then log back in via the Apps menu in the Shopify menu and try again. This solves a number of issues when trying to sign up
  2. Make sure you have the correct permissions to approve app charges on your store. To do this, have your store owner go to Settings and the Users and permissions section: 

And then under your user, towards the bottom of the various permissions, make sure both of these boxes are checked: 
(Don't forget to Save any changes at the bottom!)

Finally, if you're getting an error message or still having issues signing up - reach out to us to Our team has years of experience in working with Shopify, and we'd be happy to help you resolve any issues in signing up for your store. 
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