Premium Report - Aged Receivables

Premium Report - Aged Receivables

Aged Receivables

This report is used for seeing which customers have an outstanding balance due. This is determined by looking at any past orders they have with a payment status of Pending or Partially Paid. 

As a Premium Report, this is available on all Paid Plans of Report Toaster. If you aren't signed up, follow these steps to upgrade your account. 

This report is designed to be able to quickly find customers who have unpaid/partially paid orders, and group them into 'aging buckets' of how many days it's been since their order(s), and display the total sales for those orders:

Here are a few terms to be familiar with in order to understand Aged Receivables, numbered in the screenshots above:

1.) Orders: The number of orders that are marked as either Payment Status Pending or Partially Paid

For example, if John Smith had 2 orders that weren't fully paid, the field would display 2. 

2.) Aging Buckets: Orders are 'bucketed' according to the number of days that have passed since the Order Date on an unpaid order and Today. If an order falls within this range, the total still due for that order is displayed in the field.

For example, if John Smith's 2nd order of $780.10 was placed 107 days ago, it would display $780.10 in the Aging 90+ column.
Note - We can create further aging buckets for users upon request - just reach out to us at and we can get those setup for you accordingly.

3.) Total Due: The sum total of all the prior Aging Buckets columns.

For example, if John Smith's first order had a $2.12 in outstanding total sales and the second order had a $780.10 in outstanding total sales, the Total Due field would display 782.22. 

Like all Report Toaster reports, these reports are fully customizable - so you can adjust the date range, add/remove columns, introduce a filter or change the sort to suit your individual needs. See our basic guides here for more info.

If you want to see our other premium reports, check out our main section here.

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