Premium Report - Cohort Reports

Premium Report - Cohort Reports

Cohorts (By Revenue, By Customers, By Retention)

Cohort reports are used to display data about repeat purchases by customers based on when they made their first purchase. Each row of the report represents a cohort of customers that made their first purchase in the same time period. Once assigned to this cohort, you can then track how the number of customers/sales changes over time.

These reports can be broken down as follows: 
  1. By Revenue, tracking the gross sales for customers in each selected cohort
  2. By Customer, tracking the number of customers in each selected cohort
  3. By Retention, tracking the percentage of customers in each selected cohort
We've included the Revenue one below so you can see a sample.

As Premium Reports, these are available on all Paid Plans of Report Toaster. If you aren't signed up, follow these steps here to upgrade your account.

Note - As every merchant's store is different, these cohort reports have to be configured by our Report Toaster staff. Please contact us to and we can add any of these reports to your account. 

Here are a couple of terms to be familiar with in order to understand Cohort Reports:

1.) Cohort Period: The cohort, based on the month of the customer's first purchase. 

For example, if a Customer first purchased an item from my store in March 2022, they would be placed in the Cohort Period for 2022-03. You would then see any future orders from them tracked along that row according to the Months (below). 

2.) Month 0, 1, 2, 3 (etc..): The sum of the selected metric for each cohort row. This displays the selected metric (Revenue, Customers, or Retention %) over the months since the acquisition of the original cohort.  

For example, the customer's first purchase would be tracked in Month 0. If they made a follow-up purchase every month afterwards and then stopped after 4 months, we would see them tracked as a repeat customer in Months 1-3 and then drop-off after that. 

Like all Report Toaster reports, these reports are fully customizableFor example, if you change the date range then this will change the dates for the Cohort Periods under consideration.
E.g. If I choose 'Last Year', then the Cohort Period will cover from January 2022 to December 2022.

You can then add/remove additional Month columns** to accommodate as many months as your cohort period covers. 
- E.g. If I want only a 6 month Cohort Period, then after setting the required date range, I could simply remove the columns for Months 6-11)

**If you would like us to add more month columns (for cohort periods covering more than 12 months), contact us at and we'd be glad to help you out.

For other premium reports you can be added to your account, check out our main guide here

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