Premium Report - Dead Stock Products/Variants

Premium Report - Dead Stock Products/Variants

Dead Stock Products/Variants

For merchants who are wanting to tidy up their inventory or perhaps work out which items to discount, Dead Stock reports are useful to see which items have not been selling over a given time period. This report follows a similar format to our other Product and Variant reports, but has a number of filters and settings to narrow it down exclusively to Products Not Sold. 

Note - The Dead Stock Products/Variants reports are both very similar, it's just one is broken down by products whereas the other is split up into individual variants.

By default the reports are set to look at only Products/Variants Not Sold in the last 365 days (see the date range, top right). You can of course adjust this however you like.

As Premium Reports, these are available on all Paid Plans of Report Toaster. If you aren't signed up, follow these steps here to upgrade your account. 
Let's look at the Dead Stock Variants report:

Here are a few terms to be familiar with in order to understand the Dead Stock Variants Report:

1.) <Filter Settings>: This Filter setting looks only for Products/Variants transactions that meet the following criteria:
This is done to ensure that only Products Not Sold appear on the report
  1. Active Products (Status, equal to, Active)
  2. Only in-stock products (Variant Inventory Quantity Greater than 0) 
For example, if a Product/Variant is Active (not Archived), has Stock greater than 0, and has no Sales in the last 365 days, it will be included on the report. 

2.) Created at: The date and time for when the Product/Variant was originally created. 

3.) Title, Variant Title, Variant SKU, Product Type, Vendor: The details for the individual Product/Variant, including the Product/Variant Titles, SKU, product Type and Vendor. 

4.) Product Inventory Quantity: The amount you currently have in stock of that particular Product/Variant 

For example, if I have 5 of the Sail on a Slice Product (FLT-00003), the Available column will display 5.

Like all Report Toaster reports, these reports are fully customizable - so you can adjust the date range, add/remove columns, introduce a filter or change the sort to suit your individual needs. See our basic guides here for more info.

For other premium reports you can be added to your account, check out our main guide here

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