Premium Report - Sales Velocity

Premium Report - Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity - Days of Inventory Available

Sales Velocity reports are used to see how quickly something has been selling so you can plan your inventory accordingly. 
As a Premium Report, this is available on all Paid Plans of Report Toaster. If you aren't signed up, follow these steps here to upgrade your account.

A few terms to be familiar with in order to understand Sales Velocity Reports

1.) Inventory available: The quantity of units you currently have in stock for a particular variant.

For example, if I have 5 of a particular T-shirt in stock in my warehouse, the Inventory available would read as 5. 

2.) Quantity: The units sold for a particular variant. This number does NOT factor in Returns (for that, replace the column with Net Quantity instead).

For example, if I sold 10 of a particular T-Shirt, the Quantity would display as 10.  

3.) Quantity Sold (Daily): The average number of units sold for a particular variant each day. This number is worked out based on the Quantity (above) divided by the number of Days in the Date Range (top right)

For example, if I sold 10 of a particular T-Shirt in a 30-day period, then the calculation would be 10/30 = 0.33  

4.) Sell Through Rate: The Sell Through Rate (STR) for a particular product/variant/vendor. This is worked out as a percentage by taking the Quantity Sold divided by (Inventory available + Quantity Sold) x100 

For example, if I sold 20 of a particular T-Shirt and I had 10 still in Stock, then the calculation would be 20 / (10+20) x 100 = 66.67% 

5.) Days of Inventory Available: This compares the Quantity Sold (Daily) with the Inventory available to determine how many days of stock you have left. 

For example, if my Quantity Sold (Daily) of a particular T-Shirt was 0.33 and I had Inventory available of 5 in Stock, then the calculation would be 5/0.33 = 15.   

Like all Report Toaster reports, these reports are fully customizable - so you can adjust the date range, add/remove columns, introduce a filter or change the sort to suit your individual needs. See our basic guides here for more info.

If you want to see your Inventory broken out by individual locations, check out our Stock Report here.
If you want to see your sell-through by product/variant/vendor, check out our Sell Through Reports

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