Premium Reports - Simple Bundles

Premium Reports - Simple Bundles

Simple Bundles

Thanks to our partnership with Simple Bundles (which you can read about in more detail here), we're able to offer a couple of reports that make it easier to track the sales of any items that are sold as part of bundled products. 

These reports are split into the following - Simple Bundle Sales Over Time (for a monthly overview) and Top Selling Simple Bundles (for a breakdown by Product Variant)

As Premium Reports, these are available on all Paid Plans of Report Toaster. If you aren't signed up, follow these steps here to upgrade your account.
Note - These reports are designed specifically for Simple Bundle customers using Simple Bundle products, and thus require a subscription to their app to utilize.
Please contact us at and we can add these reports to your account. 

Let's take a look!

Simple Bundle Sales Over Time

Like our Sales Summary report, this provides you with your monthly totals for sales of any Simple Bundle Products.
All of the Sales numbers are exactly the same as our 30 day Summary report (see here for a list of these common definitions) but the key part of this report is the custom field in the filter: 

1.) Is Simple Bundle:  Whether the product is sold is a Simple Bundle Product. These are identified via the metafields that Simple Bundles has setup on Simple Bundle Products. 

For example, if I have 6 orders with Simple Bundle products in October, these would display in the corresponding row.

1a.)* Is Simple Bundle Order: Whether the order has an order tag to identify a Simple Bundle Order (E.g. Simple Bundles 2.0 - Bundle Order)
This field is not needed by default, but is useful to add to the filter if you want to limit the results to only Orders with this tag. 

This is helpful if you are looking to isolate the sales of those Simple Bundle Products to only include orders that took place after Simple Bundles is setup. 

For example, imagine I have a T-shirt bundle product called "T-Shirt Pack". My report covers all of 2022, but this product was only made into a Simple Bundle in July 2022.
Because Simple Bundle Products are identified via metafields, any sales of this product will be identified as 'Simple Bundle' Sales - including those earlier in the year.

So I may want to limit the results to only those orders with the order tags to ensure only orders AFTER the integration are counted towards these results. 

Top Selling Simple Bundles

This report works much like our Sales by Product Variant report, but limits the results to only Simple Bundle products (again, identified via the metafields).

This is useful if you want to see how each bundle is performing individually. 

Like all Report Toaster reports, these reports are fully customizable - so you can adjust the date range, add/remove columns, introduce a filter or change the sort to suit your individual needs. See our basic guides here for more info.

For other premium reports you can add to your account, check out our other article guides here

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