Report Toaster Scheduled Reports and Slack

Report Toaster Scheduled Reports and Slack

Lately we've gotten a couple of questions about how to setup Report Toaster's Scheduled Reports feature with Slack Channels. 

In short, some of our users have asked about how they can make the Slack Channel the recipient of a Scheduled Report that is sent out via email. This integration is fairly easy to setup, so let's take a look :) 

Note - You must be on a paid plan of Report Toaster to have access to Scheduled Reports. You can check out our app listing for more information on our various plans.

So long as you're on a paid version of Slack, then the process is relatively straightforward: 

We'll break this down step by step: 

1.) Assign an email address to the Slack Channel you want to receive the Scheduled Report.

See Slack's instructions here for more information, but basically the process works like this: 

2.) Create your Scheduled Report.

See our main guide here for more information, but essentially you can go to any report, click the 3-button drop down, choose Schedule, and fill out the information like so: 

3.) Create your Recipient using the Email Address from Step 1. 

When you get to the 'Recipients' field in the step above, click the arrow dropdown on the right, and select 'Create new recipient'  

In the box that follows, enter the email address you created in Step 1. Click Ok and Save respectively when you're done. 

And that's it! 

Non-paying Slack Users

For users without a paid version of Slack, the process is a little trickier. Please contact us at and we'll see what we can do to get you sorted.  
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