Report Toaster and Store Performance

Report Toaster and Store Performance

Some of the more keen-eyed among you may have noticed that Shopify recently made a change to the app store to help merchants identify which apps affect store performance. 

This new 'speed tested' highlight clearly identifies which apps do and don't affect the load times for your storefront. And in the case of Report Toaster, Shopify has clearly identified that we have no impact to your online store.

This confirms what we've noted for some time over in our FAQ - Report Toaster has absolutely no impact on store performance. None, zip, zero. 

Well put simply - Report Toaster doesn't involve injecting any code onto the front end of your site. Apps that do this can cause issues with  your load times because there is more to process when a user navigates the different pages on your site. 
Instead, Report Toaster operates by catching webhooks provided by Shopify and then gathers the necessary data using the Shopify API (none of which affects load times or has any impact on store performance). 

Is this important? Well, yes actually!

Many merchants run a whole slew of different apps for their storefronts, and they go through regular cleanups to remove the ones they don't use or have a negative impact on the customer's site experience. It's site optimization 101, essentially. 
Knowing that Report Toaster has no impact on any of that is critical - as not only can you keep the app running quietly in the background, but it's also one less app to worry about troubleshooting when you're trying to work out which one(s) are slowing down your site. 

Have any other questions about Report Toaster? Email us to and we'll be happy to help you out :) 
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