What's New? - April 2022

What's New? - April 2022

It's now April, and this month sees us adding some interesting capabilities for handling Inventory and Returns inside Report Toaster. 

Let's take a look :) 

Inventory Location 

One of our most requested features, merchants have been asking us for the ability to display the physical location of any inventory in stock (as well as the quantity & value of the products in question).

For merchants who run brick and mortar stores or store inventory in multiple warehouses, this is a key capability to be able to accurately assess stock levels, prioritize what to reorder, and manage item fulfillment. 

Well you asked, and we delivered: 

untitled image

While Shopify has a Month-End Inventory Snapshot report, this data isn't real-time and must be accessed one product variant at a time in order to see what's in stock at a single location.
However, with this latest addition to Report Toaster, we can now display exactly all the items you have in stock at each of your locations, displaying the Location ID, the Location Name, and even the Incoming vs. Available stock for each item.

As you can see from the screenshot above, this report is available under the Inventory Value by Location report here.
You can sort, filter, and customize the columns for this report just like any of our others, so feel free to drop us a line if you need any help with getting something setup to suit your needs. 

Inventory History 

Some of you may already be familiar with our Inventory Value report, which provides you with a view of your current (or 'live') inventory levels:

This report is a fantastic tool to assess the quantity and value of on-hand stock, but we know that several merchants have asked us to expand this capability with the ability to retain a historical snapshot of this data. 

For instance - what if I want to see my stock levels last week, or even a month ago?

Well with the development of our Scheduled Reports feature (available on all paid plans for Report Toaster), you can create regular snapshots of this data. 
You can set these up to run monthly, weekly, daily (or even hourly!) to provide you with regular updates on your inventory data.  

These reports can be stored for later use and even scheduled for delivery to yourself (or other members of your team) via CSV, PDF, or JSON (note that recipients are entirely optional).
And of course the best part is that, once setup, you can go to the History section to access and download your past reports at any time: 

Note - You must be on a paid plan of Report Toaster to access Scheduled Reports. You can read more about our different pricing plans here.

You can read more about how to setup and configure this feature with our main guide in the Knowledge Base.

Return Locations

Lastly in our line of inventory and stock related reports, several of you had asked about including more detail for Returned Items. This includes things like side-by-side details for purchase locations, return locations, and of course, the necessary product and customer information. 

This we've compiled together into our new Refund Line Items report, which you can see here: 

untitled image

Having access to this data is incredibly important for merchants who handle larger volumes of returns. Shopify does not currently have a report to show Return locations and there is no option to filter based on a Return Location either (you have to search through the order list one at a time).

This report is visible under Orders - Refund Line Items, and can of course still be sorted, filtered and have the dates & columns customized as per our other reports. 

Note - You must be on a paid plan of Report Toaster to access this report. You can read more about our different pricing plans here.

That's it for today, but keep an eye on this space as we announce more features and further developments in the future. 

Until next time! 

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