Whats New? - February 2023

Whats New? - February 2023

Another month has passed, and with it comes a new announcement - our new partnership with Simple Bundles! Simple Bundles is an app that enables you to create mix-and-match bundle products and offer bundle discounts without requiring any code.

Thanks to our partnership with Simple Bundles, we can now offer their customers a way to track bundle sales separately from other sales. 

For example, suppose you sell bundle products where you buy 4 different food items and get a 5th for free. You can now track the sales of these bundle products separately from the sale of each food item sold individually. This lets you get both more accurate sales totals and helps you identify certain trends over time. See a few sample reports below.

To learn more about Simple Bundles and the Report Toaster partnership, check out the announcement on their website here.

Note - This integration requires a paid plan of Report Toaster. You can login to your account and sign up here at any time. Then contact us at support@cloudlab.com and we can enable the integration.

As part of our partnership, paying Simple Bundles customers are eligible to receive 20% off plans for Report Toaster so they can take full advantage of both platforms. Contact us and we'll be happy to apply the discount.

Until next time! 

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