Whats New? - January 2024

Whats New? - January 2024

It's a brand new year, and for busy merchants (many of whom are working on their taxes!) we promise to keep this one...'short'.

Report Toaster Shorts

Short-form video has grown increasingly popular as a method to either demonstrate certain functionality or help provide quick solutions to a problem.
In the past, we've created some of these for merchants on an individual basis, but we thought it was time to share the knowledge among the wider Report Toaster community! 

So this month, we've added a new Shorts section to the Knowledge Base to try and tackle some of those most common issues and questions:

These are the ones we have for now, and then based on your feedback, we'd be happy to add others in the future:
  1. How Do I Use This App? - Going over all the basic features of Report Toaster in <5 minutes
  2. Changing the Sorting Column - Adding, removing, and changing which column is being used to sort a report. 
  3. Changing Sales Reports - Changing the breakdown on a Sales report, e.g. Sales by _(Shipping Location)__
  4. Saving, Overwriting and Copying a Report - How to save a report, modify it, or make a fresh copy from that template.
  5. Troubleshooting Comparisons vs Shopify - How to resolve differences in the numbers, exclude gift cards/tips, compare vs. individual orders and more 
  6. Line Item Properties and Note Attributes - How to find information stored in these fields, see it on a report, and request that we create separate columns for each field on a report. 
  7. Comparison Ranges - How to add a comparison range, change which column is being compared, and modify the charts accordingly.
All of these videos link to our main guides about each topic, so you can easily find more detailed information from there.

Otherwise, if you have any questions about these features or would like us to add other videos to our library, feel reach out to us at support@cloudlab.com

Until next time! 

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