What's New? - November 2021 (Part 1)

What's New? - November 2021 (Part 1)

Another month has passed, and with it comes another batch of exciting features for your favorite app, Report Toaster! This one should be exciting as it includes our most requested feature, Report Scheduling. Oh, and also a little bit of information about our upcoming paid plans.

Report Scheduler

Report Toaster users can now schedule any report to run automatically at a chosen frequency. Want a report every month, you can do that. Want one every 2 weeks, no problem! Want one every 29 hours, kinda weird, but sure.

Simply go to any pre-built or saved report, click the 3-button dropdown, and you can build your schedule:
From here, just choose your frequency, interval (months, weeks, days, or hours), and preferred format (CSV, PDF, JSON). Our scheduler will export your report as requested and deliver a download link via Email or SMS to any requested recipients.

Don't want to clutter your Inbox with a bunch of report deliveries? No problem! You can create schedules without recipients and access them later via the Scheduled Report History.
To learn more about this feature, you can watch our tutorial video here.

Shared links can now be created for pre-built reports. As you may remember, we previously only allowed shared links to be created on My Reports.

Otherwise the shared link functionality has remained unchanged. To learn more about this feature, you can watch our tutorial video here.

The question we get asked more than any other is: "Why is Report Toaster free?".

Short answer: We are really nice.

Long Answer: We chose to start out as a free app so that we could gather valuable feedback and work out any bugs. We also wanted to introduce scheduling, as we feel that no reporting app is complete without it.

Now that those goals are complete, we will start introducing paid plans in the coming weeks. While we don't have specific details available, at least we can share with you the following:
  1. We will still have a free plan with the majority of our features.
  2. Our pricing will remain very competitive with other reporting apps in the Shopify app store.
  3. We won't leave anyone in a bad spot. While our paid plans will be available in time for the holidays, we will ensure that you still have access to your reports during the holiday season. If you decide after that not to sign up for a paid plan, no problem. We appreciate our early customers, and we want our policies to reflect that.
Scheduled Reports are something that will ultimately be a premium feature for our paid plans, but we wanted to make it available now as a little teaser of the things to come. Keep an eye on this space and we'll have more information about our paid plans soon. 

Until next time! 
For other articles in this 'What's New?' series, check out our archive here.

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