What's New? - October 2021

What's New? - October 2021

So what's new? 

The What's New Page

We decided that we wanted a way to inform our user base about changes to Report Toaster in a way that was both accessible and user-friendly. 

Aka, no more trawling through your inbox and perhaps missing the announcement of new, exciting features! Just simple, useful information right where you need it most - in the app :) 

We'll be keeping this space updated as things progress, and you can return to this page at any time from the menu at the top right. 

Oh, and speaking of the menu...

New Menu Options

We've added a couple of options to our menu - including a link to the aforementioned What's New Page, and also a direct link to our knowledge base in the Support Center.


So now whenever you need assistance or want to learn more via one of our tutorials, help is literally just a single click away. 

But, saving the best for last, this might be one of our most requested features. 

Drumroll, please...

The Search Function


"Finally!", I can hear you saying. 

Yes, that's right - our 80+ reports are now fully searchable, meaning that you can type in a simple keyword and our app will suggest reports that (hopefully!) get you exactly what you need:


E.g. Type in 'variant' and you'll see all the reports that have Variant in the title or in our new tags (note - these results are ranked in the order they appear in the menus). 

You could then decide if what you're looking for is more of a Sales report, a way to measure item Profits, or simply information about your different Product Variants.

Hopefully, you're as excited by some of these changes as we are, but keep an eye on this space as we'll be making new additions soon. 

If you have any feedback on these features or would like to submit requests for future development, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Until next time! 

For other articles in this 'What's New?' series, check out our archive here.

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