Whats New? - October 2023

Whats New? - October 2023

Another month has passed, and we're now ready to show off a few new Premium Reports! 

Premium reports are any reports that provide extra data or advanced metrics that assist merchants in making better decisions. 
For example, here are our Sales by Compare at Price reports from the list below :

These reports require a paid plan of Report Toaster. If you aren't signed up, follow these steps here to upgrade your account. 

This feature comes with the release of 4 new reports (+ the corresponding menu you can find them under):
  1. Sales by Compare at Price (Sales) - To see the totals for which products have sold at Full Price (Compare at Price) vs. Markdown (Price) and the discount value in between (Markdown Total). 
  2. Sales by Compare at Price, by Product (Sales) - Same as the above, but broken out by individual product.
  3. Sales by Device Type (Sales) - To see the breakdown of which devices customers are using when they place orders at your store.
  4. Monthly Tax Summary (Taxes) - To see your Taxable vs Non-Taxable Sales.
All of these reports are included in paid plans of Report Toaster. 

For those of you on the Free Plan, there's never been a better time to upgrade! Contact us and we'd be happy to share with you any samples and help you understand the value to your storefront. 

To learn more about our Premium Reports, check out our main section in the knowledge base here

Until next time! 

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