Why Aren't My Reports Matching Shopify? - Part 1

Why Aren't My Reports Matching Shopify? - Part 1

We often get questions about Report Toaster reports not matching numbers seen in Shopify. As you might expect, our reports should match Shopify exactly when comparing compatible data. Below are some tips for troubleshooting data that seems to be mismatched.

Make Sure the Date Ranges Are the Same

The most common scenario is that the reports in the two systems are not using the same date range. The easiest way to start is to run both reports for "Last Month" to make comparisons. This limits the possible data to a reasonable time period while also ensuring that data isn't changing as new orders are being placed.

Compare Filters

Another cause of data mismatch is differing filters between Report Toaster and Shopify. Please make sure the data is being filtered the same way on both reports.

Use Compatible Datasets

When comparing reports for accuracy, it's best to compare "apples to apples". Avoid comparing a product level report to a sales channel report. It may be that the grand totals can or will be the same in the end, but this isn't ideal for troubleshooting.

Start with Some Basic Comparisons

The fastest way to validate Report Toaster's data is to use some basic reports. We suggest starting with the Shopify Finances Summary report, which can be found in the Shopify Admin under Analytics/Reports/Finance:

Note that this report was run for "Last Month" to show a full month of sales and payments. This report can then be directly compared to Report Toaster's Financial/Finance Summary report:

As you can see, this report matches the Sales section of the Shopify report exactly when also run for "Last Month". 

To validate the Payments section, it can be compared to Report Toaster's Transactions/By Gateway report:


Again, you can see that the payment amounts match per gateway when compared using "Last Month" as a date range.

Gift Card Sales and Tips

Finally, one important thing to note is that Shopify does not include Tips and Gift Card Sales into their Sales figures whereas we do in our reports. 
So if you're seeing a difference between the Gross Sales figures in the Shopify Sales reports and ours, be sure to factor this in accordingly. 

If you do want to exclude Gift Card Sales and/or Tips from your Sales reports, you can do this very easily by using a filter.
Here's a sample from our test store: 

(All this filter is saying is - show me any sales where the Type isn't a Sale (so you pickup the Shipping and Returns) OR , if it is a sale, that is neither a Gift Card nor a Tip.) 
We recommend using a Saved Filter here to keep this filter for ease of use. 

We Are Here to Help!

If you still think there are discrepancies between Shopify's data and what you are seeing in Report Toaster, please let us know. Get in touch using the live chat in the app and let us help troubleshoot. Please just be ready with screenshots that show the discrepancies, as we can't see your Shopify admin.

For Part 2 of this article series, covering how Shopify applies discounts to items that already include tax, click here.

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