Why Can't I Login to Report Toaster?

Why Can't I Login to Report Toaster?

As a 3rd party app for the Shopify app store, Report Toaster is accessed and authenticated through the Shopify admin. 

This means that: 
  1. We don't store any passwords, security questions, or any other login credentials for your Shopify account. 
  2. We are therefore unable to access, change, or reset any of the credentials for your Shopify account.  
In short, if you are having any issues logging into your Shopify account, you will need to contact Shopify's customer service team for further assistance.


To login to your Shopify admin, use this URL with your Shopify domain:
https://[your shopify domain].myshopify.com/admin

Once logged into the Shopify admin, choose Apps from the left-hand menu (1) and then click on Report Toaster (2) to access the app:


Once you have successfully authenticated, then your screen should look like this: 


Multiple Accounts

For Shopify store owners with multiple accounts under the same login details, this next step is an easy thing to overlook (but no less essential). 

A Report Toaster installation is linked to whichever store you were logged in to when you installed the app. As a result, you will have to make sure you are logged into the correct storefront at the top left before trying to navigate to Report Toaster in the apps section:

This may be easy to catch if the app is only installed on one store (because Report Toaster won't appear under the Apps section of another store). But if you are running the app on both storefronts, or you're trying to follow a direct link for a report in one store (without realizing you are currently logged into the other), it's easy to overlook. 
Always access your Report Toaster directly from the Shopify admin to make sure you are logged into the correct account.  


One final note is that because the account is authenticated via Shopify, you won't be able to bookmark a direct link to the app into your browser. Our recommendation is that you instead bookmark a link to your Shopify admin's Apps page (e.g. https://[your shopify domain].myshopify.com/admin/apps) and then access the app from there. 

For more information about using Report Toaster, check out our FAQ or reach out to us at any time :)

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