How to Determine Names for Location ID/Staff ID

How to Determine Names for Location ID/Staff ID

Some of you may have noticed the columns for Location ID or Staff ID on our various POS reports (e.g. Sales by POS Location). 
Using these fields, you can see your Sales at each of your retail locations and have the totals broken down to each specific store (Location ID) and/or each specific staff member (Staff ID).

Now currently Shopify doesn't make the actual names of each available to us in Report Toaster (only the ID #s). 
If you don't happen to know which ID # corresponds to which location/staff member, this guide will therefore explain how you can lookup those ID numbers in Shopify. 

Location ID 

1.) In the Shopify Admin, go to Settings (bottom left). 
2.) Under Settings, go to Locations
3.) There you should see each of your POS Locations. Click on the POS location to open it. 

4.) Once you have the location opened, you should see the Location ID in the URL bar in your browser. This then tells me that this location corresponds to that ID. 

Staff ID

For privacy reasons, Shopify doesn't let 3rd party apps see which Staff ID corresponds to which Staff account name.
However, as the merchant, you can easily lookup these Staff IDs in much the same way as Location ID above. 

1.) In the Shopify Admin, go to Settings. 
2.) Go to Users and Permissions 
3.) Click on a User 
4.) Once you have the User opened, you should see the Staff ID in the URL bar in your browser. This then tells me that this user corresponds to that ID. 

And that's it! 

For more information about using Report Toaster, check out our FAQ or reach out to us at any time :) 
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