Why Should I Upgrade My Report Toaster Account?

Why Should I Upgrade My Report Toaster Account?

One of the most common questions we get from Free Plan users of Report Toaster is of course - why should I upgrade to the Paid Plan? 

Well, let's break it down: 

The Free Plan of Report Toaster is the standard default plan for Shopify and Shopify Basic Users. Shopify Advanced and Plus users have all of these premium features included by default  (whether they are on Free Trial or have signed up).   
Let's take a look at each of these advantages in turn (feel free to jump to a particular section if there's something in particular you're looking for). 

Advanced Metrics & Premium Reports

We're always adding new functionality, further data points and additional reports to Report Toaster. As many of these reports rely on Calculated Fields (see above) or other further steps to create, the following are all included on our paid plan: 

  1. Inventory by Location
  2. Tax Reports (Taxes by Jurisdiction, Taxable Sales, Tax Lines)
  3. Sell Through Rate** (By Product, By Variant, By Vendor)
  4. Stock Report**  
  5. Sales Velocity**
  6. Revenue Recognition  (and Unrecognized Revenue)**
  7. Cohort Reports**
  8. First Time vs Returning Sales**
These reports are available upon request - contact us at support@cloudlab.com after signing up and we'll add them to your account. 

We're adding to this list all the time, so we'll update this article as new metrics and reports become available. 

Calculated Fields 

Much like formulas in Microsoft Excel, Calculated Fields allow us to create custom fields for your reports and even filter on them accordingly.

The array of possibilities here are pretty staggering, but these include things like: 
  1. Including data from the Line Item Properties or Note Attributes into their own columns. 
  2. Adding Metafield data to Report Toaster
  3. County Data on Tax Reports (for those who need to report tax filing by county) 
  4. Creating custom metrics, such as providing a Sum or Average between one or more fields
  5. Creating custom percentage fields, such as for commissions or expressing any figure as a percentage 
  6. Translating Staff or Location IDs into actual names
  7. Breaking out Taxes fields into individual totals for each rate
  8. Displaying custom shipping charges/shipping costs from a fixed rate onto a report
And so much more. The possibilities are nearly endless, so check out our main guide here for more information. 
Calculated Fields are created by our Report Toaster staff. After signing up, please contact support@cloudlab.com with the details and we will take care of the rest.

Multi-store functionality 

With our paid plan, you can install Report Toaster on multiple storefronts, share the information on a single account, and even segment your data accordingly. 

If you have more than one store on Shopify and would like to be able to view information from both your stores at once, check out our main guide here.
Multi-store functionality needs to be setup by our Report Toaster staff. After signing up, please contact support@cloudlab.com with the details and we will take care of the rest.

Much like a shared link in Google Docs or Dropbox, you can use this feature to create a shareable link to a Report.

This gives you a direct, view-only link to a report which you can share with whoever you like- without the need to download the report or giving the recipient access to your account or settings. 

Check out our main guide here for more information

Scheduled Reports 

This feature lets you automatically schedule reports to be delivered to your chosen recipients via Email or SMS.

You can setup the Scheduler to run as often as you like, with as many reports as you like, with as many recipients as you like. You can also use this feature to create a historical snapshot of any 'live' reports (e.g. for things like Inventory History)  

Check out our main guide here for more information.


You can read more about this integration here, but the short version is that Mechanic is a third-party app that essentially lets you integrate data between different apps/Shopify and even automate tasks based off your store's data. 

See our main guide here for more information.

Extra Data 

By default, the free plan of Report Toaster comes with one year of historical data for your account. This means that when you login to your account, you will have data going back to 365 days prior to Today's date. 

In contrast, our paid plan comes with 2 years of historical data (and can store unlimited data, moving forward).
We can load additional historical data upon request, so contact us to tell us how far back you'd like us to go and we can make it happen. 

It will take some time to sync the added data, so you may have to wait 15 minutes (or even a few hours for larger stores). See here for more info.‚Äč


Need help understanding a Report Toaster feature? 
Want to choose the right plan for your business? 
Looking for some help to get something specific setup for your store? 

Then don't hesitate to ask. You can reach out to us at any time via the Live Chat in the app or by emailing us to support@cloudlab.com 

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