Whats New? - February 2024

Whats New? - February 2024

Moving into February, it's time to go over a few new (and improved) reports we've made available in Report Toaster! 

US Tax Thresholds

This report is useful for merchants who collect sales taxes in the United States and want to see where their sales stand in comparison to the tax thresholds for every state. 

Using this report, you can see which states you are collecting taxes for, how close you are to the corresponding thresholds for each, and then identify where you may need to take possible actions to adjust your tax collection efforts accordingly. 

See our main guide here for further details.

Exchange Rates and Checkout Prices 

Next, we've added some new attributes for handling checkout exchange rates, checkout currency and the checkout total price.

This is especially useful for stores that handle transactions in multiple different currencies:

You can add these new attributes to our Orders, Sales and Tax reports accordingly - just search for 'Checkout' and you should be able to find them. 

Updated Customer Reports

Finally, we've also made a number of other improvements to some existing reports, including

Customer LTV - Added Lifespan days so you can see the average duration between the First Order Date and Last Order Date. 
New Customers - Adjusted this report to be more like a 'funnel', with numbers for how many customers have opted into marketing, created an account or placed an order at your store.

If you have any questions about these reports or would like us to add others to our app, feel reach out to us at support@cloudlab.com

Until next time! 

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